The darkness is here again

Another year slips by…. another summer with its glorious warm mornings, greens in every shade and hue. the  sweet  dips and long swims in our beautiful cool lake waters.. but, like all things, the days come come and they go and we have left our summer days behind us. now cozy warm in our little house, fire crackling inside and frozen ground and frost outside, we are content.  snow will come soon. The mountains are slowly transforming in front of our eyes. Every morning it seems the white has crept a little bit closer to our homes and streets..  we welcome the coming darkness. It gives us time to snuggle up with knitting and sewing projects, painting and drawing. homeschooling becomes easier when we are home more. The summer days are so enticing! These days  are  so crisp and vibrant . The colours are rich and deep. Yellow, orange, red, brown and green leaves of every shape and size.  blue skies, white peaks and clouds.. . the earth is dressed in all its incredible beauty in November.

Rosehips, Maple leaves, rosy cheeks, misty breath. i love it all!


teaching the little ones to knit…

welcoming the darkness with our light…

Though springs seems a more fitting time to celebrate a new beginning..  our culture celebrates the new cycle in the darkest, coldest part of the year. A snow laden town, nestled amid the mountains, surrounded by a lake almost as large as a sea is where i call home. We are blessed beyond words to be here, in this place that the Dhali Llama has called the Heart Chakra of the world.

To begin at the beginning…  we celebrated the lantern festival of St.Martin, or Martinmas as some people call it. I had never shared in this celebration before but since I am becoming more and more interested in Steiner philosophy and Waldorf education I thought it would be a beautiful way to celebrate the coming darkness. It was a bitter cold night, dark by 5:00..still Autumn by the calendar but wintry none the less.

We met in a field behind a church in our small town, the path was gently lit with rose & orange  colored paper lanterns made by the home-schooling  children. There was a bonfire, which we gathered around and the story of St.Martin was told…hot roasted chestnuts were passed about and the children warmed their icy fingers with their warmth. slowly as the lanterns were lit and collected up we began our procession around the town. There were many of us on this walk, newborn babies all the way to elders in their 80`s. I felt so honored to be part of such a wonderful community. I knew in my heart that this was a special place, but this was the beginning of something truly remarkable. I had really found my home, the place i would surely set down roots.

“the daylight fast is dwindling
my little lamp needs kindling
let your beams shine far
into the dark night
little lantern guard me
with your precious light”
We sang the most beautiful songs, all of our voices one, those who knew the songs well from years past, and those of us who had never heard them before, we all sang from our hearts.  Around the town, up and down streets, stopping here and there to sing and gather, then off again finally ending back where we began.
Once back, some of the children burned their Lanterns in the bonfire, others saved theirs for the next festival. Hot apple cider, popcorn and more roasted chestnuts were shared while we spoke with old friends and make some new ones as well. It was such a beautiful, magical night. I so look forward to next years lantern walk already!
with love & light,

the seasons…

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